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As we look to advance our goal of enabling people and businesses around the world with our    One Stop   AVAntage language solutions,   we continue to expand our geographical footprint, and the availability of our services, into new frontiers.


First registered in 1994, we have seen significant international growth, with offices now in Hong Kong and Macau.   With this growth comes a unique set of Responsibility, Challenges and Opportunities to offer language solutions for Governments and Corporates. 

Government Projects

Perfect serves various Government Departments and has been appointed service provider for over 15 years. 


The Departments we have been working with include :


Government Departments


Hong Kong Police Force

Customs & Excise Department

Securities & Futures Commission

Department of Health

Lands Department


Labour Department

Planning Department

Antiquities and Monuments Office

Other Departments




Consulate Projects

Perfect works with Consulate Offices and Trade Commissions in providing Translation, Transcription and Consulate Interview Interpretation services.


We are on list as service provider for countries across Europe, the America and in Asia.


With our Company Certification and Sworn Declaration services, corporate and individual clients find our services convenient, efficient and reliable; providing a  ONE STOP   solution, even within the same day in urgent cases.


快譯  -  政府部門  及 領事館 指定翻譯公司


Together We

Reach the Goal

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