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Services Overview :


Business Services         :  translate, translator, translation, interpret, interpreter, interpretation,

Language Solutions      :  certified copy, certification, declaration, district office, business services,

Government Solutions  :  transcript, transcriber, transcription, Government Translation, Consulate Translation


商業服務  :  翻譯,翻譯員,傳譯,傳譯員,同聲傳譯,口譯,

政府服務  :  核證翻譯,認證,謄寫,聽寫,法庭翻譯,錄音證供,呈堂證供, 政府翻譯,領事館翻譯





Perfect Translation bridges the language barriers for you. Increasing the effort of your work and leading your company to more reachable clients.  We work just like another department of your company supporting your core business.


Perfect is your best choice :


Solid Track Record

Guaranteed Accurate, Efficient and Timely Services
Responsible and Reliable Team ; With Perfect -  We Deliver!

Together We

Reach the Goal





Perfect offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for conferences, legal proceedings, human resource meetings, confidential business negotiations, discussions, speeches, seminars and other types of events.


Our interpreters have been carefully evaluated and are selected for their proven language proficiency, educational credentials and breadth of experience.


We offer interpretation services for:


Legal Interpretations  

Conferences and Conventions

Human Resource Meetings


Press Conferences

Consumer Product Launches

Training Courses

Trade Shows


Perfect provides General, Legal/Law Enforcement transcription services to the Government, Corporate, Higher Education, not-for-profit, and commercial sector. We service various areas and agencies throughout Hong Kong and abroad.


We Provide services include  :


Legal/Law Enforcement Transcription services

Police statements

General Transcription

News briefings/press releases

Meeting/conference recordings

Trial/research studies


Company Certification


We are proud to be appointed service provider of the HKSAR Departments and Consulate Offices in Hong Kong.


We offer two different types of certifications:


Company certification and
Sworn declaration


When submitting translations for legal / official purposes you will often be asked to provide certified translations, for example birth certificates, financial statements, medical records, etc.



快譯  -  政府部門  及 領事館 指定翻譯公司


Together We

Reach the Goal

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